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House Painting

An interior or exterior paint job for your house means more than just slapping a few fresh coats of paint on the walls – it’s like giving your home a face lift. The colors and quality of a home’s paint can affect the way you feel about living in there and the first impression your house makes on visitors – not to mention neighborhood resale values. When it is time to have your house professionally painted, you want to hire someone who understands this. You need someone who will perform each step, from detailed prep and primer to application and clean-up, with a professional attitude and close attention to detail.

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Austin Home and Yard offers painting services from qualified, professional painters located in and around the Austin area. Our team will evaluate your color and finish choices, property materials and overall purpose to be sure the job they perform is of high quality and meets all your expectations. We’ll address any issues with moisture, lime deposits, moss and mildew up front, use only the best quality paints and applications to ensure a lasting effect, and we’ll consult with you before, during and after the job to be sure you’re happy with the results.

Whether you’re painting your home’s entire exterior or just a small room or two, Austin Home and Yard can get the job done quickly and within your budget. You don’t have to waste valuable time trying to do it yourself; and you don’t have to settle for less than stellar results. Contact us today and let us give your home a makeover you and your family will love!

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At Austin Home and Yard, we offer a wide range of services to remodel, repair and maintain your home – but we can’t help you until you let us know what you need. Give us a call today or use this form to contact us for more information. Whether you need new flooring, fence and deck installation, house painting, large-scale remodeling or just a few small repairs, we can’t wait to talk to you!